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We have received many questions from our customers about our 'magical' water and machines. 

To ensure you find the answers you need as quickly as possible, here is a compiled list of commonly asked questions broken down into the 6 fundamental categories.

  • What is Clenzd?
    Everyone we explain to says it's “magic” water. Yes it does sound too good to be true, but it really is. Clenzd is a slightly acidic (pH 5.0 to 6.5) sanitizing biocider (HOCl) that has been tested and proven to eliminate 99.999% of viruses, bacteria, fungi and yeast. It is non-toxic, child safe and environmentally friendly. It is colourless and has almost no taste or odour. More explained here
  • What is the Active Ingredient (AI) of Clenzd?
    The AI in Clenzd is a slightly acidic hypochlorous acid (HOCl)
  • What is HOCl?
    Hypochlorous Acid (HOCl) is nature’s own germ killer. It is a weak acid your body's white blood cells (Neutrophils) produce to eliminate bacteria, viruses and pathogens that invade your body. It leaves no residue and has little odour. More information on HOCl
  • What can I mix Clenzd with?
    Just like a 1980 bottle of Macallen, Clenzd must NOT be diluted. It should NOT be mixed with detergent or other cleaning or sanitizing agents as it will alter the chemical properties of Clenzd.
  • What happens if I use Clenzd past the expiry date?
    The Active Ingredient in Clenzd slowly breaks down over time. In Singapore's weather, it will stay effective for 1 year if unopened or for 3 months once opened. Using Clenzd past its expiry is not harmful, it just becomes ineffective.
  • What happens if I accidentally drink Clenzd?
    Drinking small amounts of Clenzd will not result in any severe consequences as the Free Chlorine levels are low at a 20-40ppm. Similar to accidentally drinking a gulp of swimming pool water, nothing will happen. We do NOT recommend you to water parade using Clenzd. But if by some chance that you experience an allergy reaction, please see a doctor immediately.
  • Where is Clenzd made?
    Clenzd is proudly Singaporean, it is produced locally but thankfully doesn't need to do National Service. It has found its way into Army Camps though…
  • Where should I store my bottle of Clenzd?
    In a cool dry place, away from direct sunlight. If you are rebottling into a smaller bottle, do ensure that the smaller bottle is opaque.
  • Where can I purchase Clenzd?
    Clenzd is available through our website or several online platforms such as Shopee and Lazada. You may find the links on our product page
  • Where is Clenzd currently used?
    Clenzd has been around the block. It’s been supplied to many individuals and businesses, such as: schools, exhibitions centres, hairdressing salons, pet shops, gyms, wellness centres, offices, kitchens, cafes, hotels, showrooms, factories ... the list goes on...
  • Where is the Alcohol?
    Clenzd is Alcohol free! If Clenzd could drive, it will be the designated driver for your next clubbing night out! Clenzd is the sober one that DOES NOT require any alcohol to get rid of all the baddies, such as COVID-19, H1N1, Swine Flu, Novovirus, HFMD, Samonella, Legionella, E-Coli, Candida, Aspergillus to name a few... As tested and proven, Clenzd eliminates 99.999% of them in seconds. It is proven to be 80 to 100 x more effective than Alcohol or household bleach.
  • When will Clenzd expire?
    As the Active Ingredient is biodegradable, it breaks down quickly in sunlight and open air. Unopened and stored properly in a cool dry place, Clenzd will stay effective for at least 1 year. Once opened, we recommend you finish using within 3 months.
  • How do I use Clenzd?
    Clenzd will work on any general surface. Spray Clenzd generously onto any surface, leave it to work its magic for a few seconds before wiping dry with a clean dry cloth. For best results, leave Clenzd to air dry. Do not dilute or mix with other chemicals as it may change the molecular structure of the Active Ingredient.
  • How should I store Clenzd?
    All bottles should be kept in a cool dry place, out of direct sunlight as the Active Ingredient starts to break down in temperatures over 60°c and direct sunlight. Ensure the bottles are tightly capped as well.
  • Who uses Clenzd?
    Anyone in need of sterilization. From the yummy mummy cleaning her toddler's toys, to the kiasu aunty next door mopping the floor after coming home from the market, to your favourite sushi chef cleaning up after preparing your favourite sashimi, to that dreaded dentist sterilizing his apparatus after scaling your teeth.
  • Why does Clenzd expire so quickly?
    As the Active Ingredient is biodegradable, it breaks down in sunlight and open air. Left out in the open, the molecules slowly break down and become innate. ​
  • Why Is Clenzd safe for children and pets?
    The Active Ingredient in Clenzd is carefully balanced to achieve maximum potency yet kept safe. It has been researched and proven that the balance of pH level 5.0 to 6.5, together with the low Free Chlorine levels of 20-40ppm, achieves maximum sterilization properties, yet produce low Chlorine gas. Clenzd has been tested by Japanese, Korean and American agencies and has been classified as a food-grade cleanser. It is classified safe for consumption, however it is not recommended for drinking. See the safety test reports
  • Why isn’t HOCl more commonly used?
    There were 2 main reasons 1) HOCl used to be expensive to produce. 2) The HOCl produced was stable (effective) for only a very short time. Today, new technology have now allowed for HOCl to remain stable for longer and is less costly to produce.
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