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Clenzd Sanitizing Biocider is a non-toxic and child safe solution that eliminates 99.999% of bacteria, viruses, fungus spores and yeast.


TESTED AND PROVEN: to be effective in eliminating viruses like Coronarvirus and H1N1.


DEODORISER: Remove any unpleasant organic smells, perfect for toilets, pet cages etc.


NON TOXIC & CHILD SAFE: won't irritate your skin.


FOOD GRADE: spray away on your fruits and vegetables, utensils, baby bottles, plates, tables etc without worry.


PROTECT YOURSELF: from all sorts of viruses, bacteria and unwanted smells!


Produced in Singapore

Clenzd Sanitizing Biocider 100ml

  • Package of 4 bottles at $9.12/bottle

    Package of 8 bottles at $8.81/bottle

    Package of 12 bottles at $8.54/bottle

    Package of 16 bottles at $8.28/bottle

    Please contact us for quantities of more than 16 bottles

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